Counseling Works What to Expect

Every smoker thinks about quitting. You probably have at some point, but were afraid, or it wasn’t a good time, or you just weren’t ready. That’s OK and very common.

To help you decide if NOW is the time, take our Quit Quiz. It's 8 simple questions and no wrong answers. Just the knowledge of what’s right for you.


1. Do I want to quit smoking for myself?
2. Is quitting smoking a #1 priority for me?
3. Have I tried to quit smoking before?
4. Do I believe that smoking is dangerous to my health?
5. Am I committed to trying to quit even though it may be tough at first?
6. Are my family, friends, and co-workers willing to help me quit smoking?
7. Besides health reasons, do I have other personal reasons for quitting smoking?
8. Will I be patient with myself if I backslide?

If you answered “YES” to 4 or more of questions, you are ready to quit smoking. Now is a good time to call the New Jersey Quitline.


Source: American Lung Association. Freedom From Smoking: Guide for Clinic Facilitators