Counseling Works What to Expect

The NJ Quitline is designed for smokers who have decided it’s time to quit. If you are unsure about where you stand – take our ‘Ready To Quit’ quiz.
When you’re ready to quit, call the NJ Quitline. You will speak to a highly trained Quit Coach who has years of counseling experience. They will listen - without judgment - and talk to you about:

· Why you want to quit
· What makes quitting most difficult for you
· Your smoking history
· Your smoking triggers and a plan for dealing with them
· Deciding upon and preparing for a quit day
· How to avoid slips and relapse


The NJ Quitline willl also mail you a free Quit Guide that has tips to make the process as easy aspossible.
Sticking with the Quitline makes a difference. The more telephone counseling sessions you have, the more likely you are to quit. After only three sessions, you have a better chance of quitting than if you only read a pamphlet, got advice from a friend, or even tried medications. Regardless of your quit method - adding telephone counseling increases your chance for success.




First Call
You’ll be asked questions to find out if telephone counseling is your best option. Those who are ready to try and quit are enrolled. Those who need more time are provided with information to help them progress to the next stage.


Meet your Quit Coach
After registration you are immediately transferred to your personal quit coach. Your coach will ask questions to develop a personal profile that will be used in creating your custom quit plan.


A few days after your initial call you will receive in the mail a Quit Guide


After your initial call, you’ll have two more counseling sessions with the option of adding more if needed. These are sessions in which your Quit Coach reaches out to you.


You can call your Quit Coach at any time. Coaches are available throughout the week from 9am – 9pm (M – F) and 9am – 6pm (S - S) EST. After hours you have access to voice mail and quit tips.


Seven months after you enroll, the NJ Quitline will contact you about your progress and your satisfaction with the program.

About Your Quit Coach

Quit Coaches received 240 hours training.


More than 50% have 3+ years prior experience in counseling.

All are highly trained in cognitive behavioral therapy.